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Lady Vain is the main antagonist for the Happily Never After 2, Another Bite at the Apple.  She was an ugly maiden who was turned beautiful by a magic mirror.  She tries to gain control of the kingdom but has Snow White to deal with since she is standing in her way of her plans.  At the wedding, she is completely stopped by Snow White and decides to kill her and everyone else using the mirror's ability.  

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Believing that she could obtain power by looks, she gets magic power from the mirror and becomes beautiful. 

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POWERS OF LADY VAIN: Not as hot as Frieda, Frieda was an absolute babe - best villianess of all time!! Seduction, Ability to project energy beams, control over magic, and shapeshift.  However she can be easily defeated by destroying the magic mirror.  Compared to her predecessor, Frieda.  She is an easy villian. Frieda was completely powered by magic and her abilities are limitless, she was god-like and can only be stopped by completely removing her.  Lady Vain becomes good in the end.freidas powers