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Frieda is the main antagonist of the film and Ella's stepmother.


When the wizard leaves for vacation he leaves the staff and trusts Munk and Mambo to keep the balance of Good and Evil.  When Frieda finds out about them she easily overpowers them and takes the staff.

She reads the book and sees, much to her disappointment, that Ella becomes queen. She rallies up an army of evildoers and realizes that she controls the fate of the entire kingdom along with having command of magic powers. With these powers, she is god-like. She is so powerful in fact, while messing with the scales, she is amused by the amount of power she has over everyone. However, she does not know the full extent of these powers, and thus can be defeated. She goes out and tries to make sure Ella will have a 'happily never after' and sends her army to capture or kill her.  After capturing her she attempts to kill her but Rick, Munk, and Mambo come and rescue Ella. While Rick is distracting Frieda, Munk and Mambo try to fix the scales. Frieda shoots a magic bolt at Rick, which he dodges. Ella screams "don't hurt him!" and knocks Frieda over.  Frieda easily recovers and mocks them but Mambo makes a sound and Frieda shoots a magic bolt at them easily defeating them.  After defeating them she turns her attention to Ella and Rick.  She turns the floor to lava but before Ella falls Rick jumps, grabbing onto a ledge and saving her.  Frieda starts hitting Rick's hand with her staff. Mambo recovers and pushes Frieda off the ledge.  While the group is celebrating Munk points out the Frieda has the staff. Surely enough, Frieda has survived, and flies up from the hole.  She shoots a ray of magic that was meant for Ella but Rick takes the bolt for her and Frieda throws him at a column, knocking him out.  While Frieda threatens Ella, Ella attacks her and Frieda shoots a bolt awakening the portal. Ella pushes her in and she ends up in Antarctica.

POWERS OF FRIEDA:    Flight, teleportation, shrinking objects or people, changing objects to other objects or animals, poisoning, shooting bolts of electricity and magic, Ruler of the kingdom (world), alter reality, virtually omnipresent, levitation, opening portals, energy shields, complete control over magic, commands an army, ability to increase her size or any other object or being, and she is immortal as long as she keeps her staff.  The staff gives her complete control over magic and makes her godlike. Make giaint hands and fists of magic Lady vains Powers the beldams Powers lord dominator Powers